Having a nourished life simply means having a combination and collection of life’s nourishing choices and striving to abide by them on a regular basis. If stuck to, living a nourished life can lead to a state of harmony in one’s life. People who lead a nourished life are happier, healthier, delightful and physically fit. Frankly speaking, life os supposed to be simple, relaxed and stress-free. It’s actually what one does with it that makes it unbearable and complicated. Granted, at one time or another, everyone must face some challenge in life. It’s how one goes through such a challenge that makes all the difference.

Important tips to have a nourished life.

1. Eat fresh and well-cooked foods

3r45t6hyrtgerEating a healthy and nutritious diet is the key to living a nourished life. Fruits need to be thoroughly washed with clean water and eaten when still fresh to benefit more from its nutritious contents and avoid contamination. Eating whole food that’s fresh is always good for the body. It supplies the body with adequate energy. Meals must be hygienically prepared and well-cooked to preserve nutrients. A nutritious food has the power boost the body immunity. Fried foods need to be avoided at all costs. Also, avoid processed foods as well as foods cooked with creams and saturated fats.

2. Drinking plenty of water

Water os essential to the body. Our bodies comprise of approximately 75% water and thus should be kept hydrated. Drinking water brings a feeling of refreshment and clears the mind so as to think clearly. Drinking plenty of water also has numerous other benefits including enhancing skin’s complexion thereby making it look smoother and radiant. Anyway, who hates a smooth, soft and radiant skin? Of course, the reverse os catastrophic. Not drinking plenty of water makes one dehydrated, tired, with cracked lips and rough, dry skin

3. Enough sleep

Most people take sleep for granted. On average, an adult should sleep for approximately 8 hours a day. Children need to sleep more than this, roughly 10 or more hours a day. Getting enough sleep has lots of health and non-health benefits. These include enhancing immunity to some serious health problems including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Given, sleeping throughout the day wouldn’t take these ailments away, but a lack of it can make them worse. Enough sleep also enhances one’s level of alertness. Scientific research also claims that enough sleep can boosts one’s sexual performance. The body needs to relax and recharge. If the bedroom isn’t sleep- friendly and relaxing, make adjustments so as to get enough sleep. Maybe you can move some items out of the bedroom to give more space and make it more conducive for relaxation and sleep.5t6y7utyrger

4. Exercise

Adopting a good exercise routine os highly beneficial, healthy and highly recommended. A good and adequate physical exercise has numerous merits including weight control, combating certain health conditions and diseases, improves one’s mood, boosts energy levels, promotes better sleep, brings back the sparks on one’s sexual life, boosts brainpower, keeps away stress and so on and so forth. You don’t have to do rigorous exercises to harness the benefit of it. Simple, easy exercises like jogging, walking around the hood, or climbing staircases could just be all that you need.