the symptom of pollen allergy

Spring might be the best season of the year for many people. The warm air, beautiful blooming flowers, and sunny weather bring good energy to the body. Nevertheless, to some others, spring can be torturing. They cannot go outside because they will suffer from severe respiratory allergy.

Flowers have pollen, a powdery substance that plants use to reproduce. During summer, pollen is everywhere in the air. Afterall, summer is when all the plants are pollinating. And some people are not made to withstand those powders, hence the name pollen allergy.

Diagnosing Pollen Allergy

asthmaFirst, you must know that you might not be aware of the allergy. You may think that your respiratory problems are the signs of influenza. But flu does not only attack respiratory tract. You will also get a fever and sore joints from the virus. If you do not experience them, then the chances are you are allergic to something.

Pollen allergy is also commonly mistaken for dust allergy. And in such case, you must observe whether your symptoms appear if you are in proximity of dusty things or pollinating flowers.

Sometimes, you need to check your neighborhoods. Pollen spread through the air. And if you live close to a park with many flowers there, you may have missed noticing them as the cause of your allergy.

After you verify your suspicion, go to a doctor. Antihistamine pills are the most frequently prescribed medicine for the allergy. But if the asthma is severe, you may need an inhaler.

The Symptoms

pollenRespiratory allergy has these symptoms: suffocation, runny nose, nasal congestion, inflamed throat, and eyes irritation. They may come individually or all at once. And they can be fatal.

And as what has been discussed before, the symptoms of pollen allergy can be easily mistaken for the symptoms of other allergies. If you are suspicious, it is best to keep a note about the symptoms and what triggers them. For instance, once you got sick from walking in a flower field, and the other time was when a guest brought a flower to your house. If you are not keeping notes, you will easily miss those details.

The Treatments

dust maskThere is no cure for allergies. There are only two options for you: avoiding the allergens and improving your immune system. If contact with flowers is inevitable, do wear a dust mask. Pick one that can filter micro dust because pollen size is also microscopic.

You can improve your body’s immune system by following a healthy diet and doing routine exercises. Obesity has been long associated with allergies. Obese people are more vulnerable to allergies compared to people with average weight.