Most people have a bad perception of marijuana and I hear it too often that it’s bad for your health. Additionally, those who are against it justify their decision by saying that marijuana is classified as a drug and those that use it eventually become vegetables. I’m sorry to say that they are very wrong. Yes, you heard me right!

If you are among them, keep reading to discover why marijuana is the most popular herb in the world.

Boasts of anti-cancer properties

Research has proven that smoking pot can’t cause cancer because it boasts of anti-cancer properties. Cigarette smoke contains many harmful chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer. Moreover, cigarette smoke is carcinogenic because it is radiated while smoke from marijuana is not. In fact, recent studies revealed that smoking marijuana reverses the effects of smoking cigarettes and the chances of a tumor developing in your lungs, brain, and breast among other body parts. It also kills cancer cells to help you defeat cancer.

Premenstrual syndrome

If your sweetheart is complaining that you smoke a lot of weed, offer her a joint. Just like marijuana is effective in treating multiple diseases, it relieves cramps and the discomfort that makes her lash out at you. The use of marijuana for PMS dates back to centuries, and so you should place it in your pipe and puff it.

Supports weight loss

hdgjd874Some of the effects of the THC present in marijuana include munchies, and that is why those who smoke weed tend to consume a lot. However, the chances of dope smokers gaining weight and becoming obese are very low. A recent study revealed that those who smoke weed regularly are less likely to add weight compared to nonsmokers. The study further revealed that cannabis smokers have a low BMI or body mass index meaning that they have less body fat and have a low risk of getting weight.

Boosts creativity

It’s a no-brainer that marijuana makes people very creative. For instance, a study revealed that cannabis smokers experienced increased verbal eloquence compared to nonsmokers. If you need some creativity, just roll a huge joint, and you will get your creative juices flowing.

Improves athletic performance

A number of athletes have credited their success to the use of marijuana. It’s a fact that pot enhances athletic performance and recovery. For instance, pot smokers perform better when running on the treadmill or performing a heavy exercise like squats and are less sore afterward.

Safer than alcohol

Without any doubt, cannabis is among the safest drugs in the world. A study has found that grass is more than a hundred times safer than booze. For instance, long-term exposure to alcohol increases your chances of getting life threatening diseases like liver cirrhosis while marijuana helps you to fight many illnesses. If you have been taking alcohol, you better turn to pot for a better tomorrow.

jhdj874There you have it- six reasons why marijuana is the most popular herb in the world. Marijuana is illegal and still hard to come across in some states. However, medical marijuana is becoming legal in many states. Along with this, devices such as weed grinders are becoming more and more popular too. So, if you are using marijuana whether it be for medical or recreational purposes, take a look at www.medpot.net/product-reviews/metal-herb-grinder/ and find out more about the best metal weed grinder that you can buy.