These days, many people have a tendency to completely overlook wood flooring and its benefits. The main reason behind this trend is the fact that wooden flooring is initially more expensive than linoleum and carpets. However, what these people fail to realize is the fact that the health benefits of having hardwood throughout house significantly outweigh their initial prices.

You can easily hear various debates about what is good for your well-being and health vs. what is good for your environment. Fortunately, when it comes to your home, you have the option of going with something that is both good for your environment, as well as you and your family members, That something is, of course, wood flooring. Basically, all types of wood flooring carry many more health benefits than standard carpets or linoleum.

Health risks associated with carpets

kkff98It is no secret that carpets can easily gather mites, animal dander, dust, pollen, pet urine, and a plethora of other irritants, most of which can lead to a number of respiratory issues. In addition, they can also pose great risks to those suffering from various allergies or asthma.

On the other hand, properly maintained and regularly cleaned wood flooring is highly resistant to the vast majority of irritants and contaminants.

No allergens and germs

It is also well-known that there are millions of people, who can suffer from the tiniest amounts of house dust. Due to dust, these people can suffer from a variety of symptoms, which can include rash, sneezing, breathing difficulties, itchy eyes, sinus troubles, etc. These problems usually come as a result of molds and pollens trapped in the carpets’ fibers. Even frequent vacuuming is not enough to properly remove those microscopic creatures. Luckily, wood flooring will allow you to completely eliminate those allergens while keeping your home inviting, warm and germ-free.

Carpets are a cozy environment for germs

In most cases, people opt for carpets because they think that carpets can create a more comfortable and cozier environment for their family and themselves. However, what they don’t realize is that they are also creating an environment for dust mites and allergens to thrive. Lots of rooms that have wall-to-wall carpets have an alarming number of dust mites thriving the under their surface, which is not the case with wood flooring.

Durability and ease of maintenance

It is also worth mentioning that carpets tend to trap bacteria much faster and in much greater numbers. Also, carpets are notoriously hard to clean as well. On the other hand, wood flooring is very easy to maintain and clean, and, with proper care, it can last much longer than any kind of carpet. With wood flooring, you will not have to worry about beverage or food stains, or spending lots of money on professional carpet cleaning services.


100% natural

This is especially important if you have small children or infants in the house, as they are much more vulnerable to bacteria and germs. Another thing you ought to keep in mind is the fact that there are all kinds of chemicals commonly used to manufacture carpets, as well as different kinds of plastics, all of which can be quite harmful to the environment. Wood flooring is a 100% natural product, which means there are almost no chemical emissions and risks posed to the environment.